April 1, 2011 - April 1, 2012

 My dad builds in the background, while I swing.

My dad builds in the background, while I swing.

The origins of Give Beck began on April Fool's Day - my 36th birthday. That was the day I started testing my theories on breaking patterns of generational dysfunction & re-patterning the mind -  Proactive Mental Re-patterning. I began making radically different decisions in everyday life. Instead of receiving birthday gifts, I gave away all of my possessions. The goal was to remove everything that fed my ego psychologically or emotionally.  I didn't know which possession limited me spiritually so everything had to go.  

I'm a country boy that feels comfortable in hand-me-down clothes. However, when all of your possessions are used or seemingly "rejected by others" it can make you feel like a second-class citizen.  Working in Beverly Hills taught me how to cloak insecurities in Cavalli suits, Gucci pants, & Dolce Gabbana shirts. I became an "LA Cool Guy". My ego relished wearing designer labels that shouted, "I'm valuable." Soon I would once again become "Bubba" - the little country boy who swings on a rope & dreams of saving the world.

Imagine attending your funeral, in perfect health.

All day, your friends stop by & you get to help them load up your best possessions: expensive art, top of the line furniture, entertainment equipment. Each time someone drives off, the burden on your heart becomes lighter. Each possession that gets lost amongst your friends you become even more free. 

Pressing the reset button on life was the most exhilarating experience I've ever had. It was like grabbing Death by the shoulder & giving the Dark Angel a metaphysical high-five. Typically, this Ancient Being has to rip possessions away with brute force & watch as people turn into scavengers to scoop up the spoils. However, I relished in my own funeral. I was able to express love to friends by giving them my valuable possessions - which set me free. I strengthen relationships as I let go of my old life. I performed a Potlatch ceremony.

 The last known pic of LA Cool Guy.

The last known pic of LA Cool Guy.

At 11-years-old, I was a suicidal country boy that felt worthless. I then spent a quarter of a century acquiring possession that developed "psychological hooks" that held up my "LA Cool Guy" alter ego. 

After 25 years, I finally realized what life is all about - dedicating your life to something you believe will serve others greatly. So I reduced myself to a few changes of clothes, an old car, a toolbox, & some electronics that would help me accomplish my mission. As I gave away my stuff, each psychological hook that held my "LA Cool Guy" alter ego was ripped out. My ego bled out as I my spirit was set free. Fear no longer felt so fearful. 

Immediately afterwards, I set out on a yearlong journey across the United States, where I would serve one family in each state for three days. The plan was to re-program my mind through service. I called the journey SerfBliss. Serf = survival by giving more than you take. Bliss = what you get from love. SerfBliss = love through service. SerfBliss was my best attempt at merging the light & dark aspects of my personality together - the seen & unseen. On the road, I would break my dualistic nature - where internal PTSD & Anxiety blended with external confidence & happiness. I couldn't tell where one began and the other ended, so I destroyed everything & started over. Life would be reconstructed as I served others. Only that which brought meaning & purpose would survive. I would become the man I wanted to be, or die trying.


New Years Eve 2010, as the ball dropped, I decided to spend one year doing the coolest thing imaginable. It was so cool I hadn’t imagined it yet. Testing ideas on transforming the mind through service - Proactive Mental Re-patterning - was the coolest thing I could imagine. My question was, What could a newly re-patterned mind create?  

My amateur studies in neuroscience taught me that it takes 90 days to program the mind. I’d add 90 days to break patterns - six months. Then I'd double that amount of time in order to create something for humanity using my freshly cleaned mind - one year total. The process would begin on April Fools Day.

I would be The Fool that still believed. 

Creating a new environment is a crucial step in the PMR process & one of the most difficult. The last two times I re-patterned my mind, I used the natural environmental shift of my move to college & then to Los Angeles. All I had to do was add service to experience to the benefits. However, this time I couldn't utilize what life threw at me, I had to initiate change & design everything.

I had three months to prepare for the greatest test I could create. If I knew how to re-program the human mind, the process must prove it. Every choice had to be new. I would live in a constant state of giving for an entire year & record on video the changes as they took place. I was the test subject. Either I would transform into a new human or end with nothing. Time to put my life on the line for something I believed in & let time tell my story.

Who should I serve?

Each stop needed to have maximum effect, so I selected different races, religions, politics, age groups, socio-economic status, sexual preferences, strangers, & life-long friends. There needed to be an ever-changing environment that connected my service to a wide-range of people, so no limiting patterns would set in. The year of service had to be spread out across America, over a large cross-section of culture. There are 50 states & 52 weeks in a year; the math made sense. I would select the coolest service opportunity in each state & take a two weeks vacation.  

Music, money, & any other cultural influence that may taint the experience would be removed to the best of my ability. I drove over 22,000 miles in silence to protect my mind. Any expenses would be covered on a donation basis (WITHOUT ME ASKING FOR MONEY). Serving others had to be the key to survival. 

Before this point, Proactive Mental Re-patterning was done as a private hobby. This next PMR adventure would be performed in public.  My book was finished; the backstory was in place. Previous battles with Rage, Insecurity, & Shame were the toughest challenges I’d ever faced. After childhood rage was removed, I became happy. Once my insecurity in college left, I began experiencing success. The more shame became a distant memory in Los Angeles, the greater my connections & community grew.

My new opponent had to be great, a universal enemy everyone could relate to.  It had to be so big that it proved my concept, while providing great value to others. My problem was, I still struggled with the PTSD that lingered from my father’s abuse. There was only enemy that still tormented me: Anxiety.

What would life be like without anxiety? What kind of man would I be without Anxiety's limitations? What could a limitless mind create?

Battling Anxiety

This video was the first time we shared our family secret - Father's Day 1999

The question that began my journey was “Do I really believe?” If I believed that I knew how to re-pattern the human mind, how would it affect my daily actions?

Then I had to live out those actions. I had to follow my heart with reckless abandon, wherever it led me.

Removing Anxiety was my private goal. Life on the road would create a public goal that would be validated in time, by video. I wasn't able to decide what I would create for humanity before I set off on my journey because I was still limited by Anxiety. After 180 days into the journey, my mind would be re-programmed through service. Only then could I trust myself to design a meaningful gift to the world. 

Was my time actually priceless? It was time to put time - my life - on the line. Show, don’t tell, & record the PMR process – that was the name of the game. The truth would be captured on video. For one year I would be the student, not the teacher. America would teach the lessons.

In 2011, at the halfway point of my journey, it seemed like every news station was filled with economists talking about the “Fiscal Cliff” our materialistic culture was destined to fall off. This Fiscal Cliff created huge amounts of Anxiety throughout America. Solving that challenge became my project. Creating a safety net became my goal. 


In order to conquer an opponent, one must draw them out into the open. Giving everything way induced the greatest state of Anxiety imaginable. Anxiety thrives in chaos & hides behind possessions that give the illusion of success. I had nice clothes, a great beach pad in Santa Monica, & made a decent living. This is why I gave everything away, reduced my life to nothing, & launched out on an uncontrollable yearlong journey across the United States. 

My enemy & I faced off across America, waring state by state. SerfBliss was my battlefield. Anxiety was my opponent. Service was my weapon.  In order for my plan to work, people had to be good; they had to want me to continue on without me asking for help. The work, the love, the service had to stand on it's own.  Survival had to be possible in modern society by living a life of giving.  Humanity had to be good. For one year, I tested my willpower, the nature of humanity, and my concept of God.

Crossing the finish line, I was exhausted, bruised, & broken. Anxiety was defeated.  Looking into the mirror, I no longer recognized the person in front of me. I was a stranger living inside a familiar body. I transformed into a different man. It worked!

SerfBliss was the greatest journey I could imagine.  The plan was so difficult that nobody in my world believed it possible.  That year was intentionally designed for me to push to the limits of my own human capability in order to succeed. I needed to be the only one that believed it possible. I alone knew it was a silent war, battling Anxiety that held me back.

Do others need to give everything away in order to have this transformation?  

No. I did. I needed to understand life outside of money.

People often have difficulty believing my story. Fortunately, I have over 400 hours of footage documenting the process. I am a regular guy that comes from humble beginnings. Through diligence & hard work, I had a few successes. Pride & ego took ahold of my life & I wanted to take my life back. 

The work I speak of is not new – it’s the old. It's an ancient journey that I mixed with modern technology. Serf (giving time is enough to survive) + Bliss (life without anxiety) = SerfBliss.  The goal was reached. I'm back from the other side, living a more amazing life than I ever dreamed possible.

The PMR process that helped me transform into a new man, could help you remove your limitations, emotional wholeness, & achieve greater happiness.  If you feel stuck in life, know that there is a beautiful existence within your reach.  A change in perspective changes everything. The work is difficult, but it is worth it. I am currently developing an online course so people can do their own transformational work at their own speed. I currently offer coaching for those that wish to expedite the process (on a paid or "Pay-It-Forward" basis). I also love sharing my work through keynotes & workshops.

Many like to wade in spiritual waters - I prefer to cannonball. The truth is, we could transform the world in one generation.  The work needs to be done. No one will do it for you. The only word you need to say is "Yes".

Pay-It-Forward in action

The video above summarizes my year-long-journey across America

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