Hi! I'm James Beck.


I am a public speaker, author, life coach, & massage therapist. As a kid, I had PTSD, was suicidal, & felt worthless.  As a man, I am at peace, filled with life, & feel priceless. My passion is teaching the lessons that helped me and expedite the transformation process so others can enjoy emotional wholeness. 

this is my bio 


April Fool's Day, 1975

     Two hundred years and one week after Patrick Henry gave his "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" speech - I was born.  I'm the second child of James Aaron Beck and Susan Lawrence.  My childhood memories are nestled in the backwoods of the Puget Sound, building log homes, chopping up firewood, and taking care of our pigs, chickens, horses, goats, dogs, cats, rabbits, and a cow.  During those early years, I was known as Bubba (baby brother).  

My dad was a Fire Chief and mom was a Registered Nurse.  They took in abandoned kids off the streets of Tacoma and into our foster home.  Foster kids stayed from three months to nine years.  At any given time, we had 3 to 9 street kids living with us.  All the foster kids were abused, felt worthless, and had anger issues.  Half had pimps. Suicide attempts were common.  Most were comfortable with violence, including my father.  My childhood was filled with chaos and pain.  I hated my dad.  At 11-years-old - feeling stuck, worthless, and exhausted of being terrified - I came close to committing suicide. 

After my father learned of my dance with death, he dedicated his life to transforming our relationship.  Life got better and we eventually became good friends. 


A decade later, I was asked to speak at Life Center Church on Father’s Day, 1999.  The senior pastor thought my dad and I had the perfect Father/Son relationship and wanted us to tell our story.  We decided to share our family's secret past on how we broke our cycle of generational dysfunction.  I transitioned from feeling worthless to feeling priceless.  After the speaking engagement a woman in the audience asked me to write a book sharing our story and the process we used to transformed a damaged relationship into a healthy one.  I promised her that I would.  At that moment, the book “Hey Dad, Remember Me” was born.


In 1992, I attended Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.  As a 19-year-old junior, I tested my theory of pricelessness and ran for student body president.  The largest landslide in the university's history elected me.  Squeezing 4 years into 5, I graduated in 1997 with a degree in Religion, specializing in Youth Ministry.  Before graduating, I was offered a position as a minister in my childhood church, Life Center in Tacoma, WA.  (Click on the above "thumbs up" picture of me to watch the video).  During my time back in Washington State, my father and I started a salsa manufacturing company, Firehouse Salsa.  All the while, the promise of writing our story weighed on my heart.  Realizing I lacked experience and education in professional writing, I sought out writing groups, mentors, and seminars.  All significant opportunities pointed towards Los Angeles, CA. 

On my 26th birthday, I drove down I-5 and made LA my home.  There was also a self-imposed 10-year deadline to complete the book.  Upon arriving, opportunities arose to work with Academy Award nominated producers and Nicholl Fellowship writers on various screenwriting projects.  To make ends meet and finance my literary goals, I worked as a massage therapist at Burke Williams Day Spa in Santa Monica.  Over the years, I discovered I had a natural talent for solving soft tissue problems.  One of my clients recognized my skill and hired me to perform bodywork for the cast of the hit NBC shows, ‘American Gladiators’ (season 1 & 2) and ‘The Biggest Loser’ (seasons 7-11). 

By James Andrew Beck

Right before my 10-year deadline, I completed the first draft of my book. Life seemed perfect, but I was unhappy.  

Wondering if all the backdrop theories and philosophies I flushed out as I wrote my book were "bedroom brilliance", I decided to issue a test.  I would test myself, society, human nature, and my concept of God in the most fun, creative way I could imagine.  It was a "Give me Liberty or Give me Death" adventure!

April Fool’s Day, 2011

I gave away all my possessions and spent a year traveling across America, serving others, living in a state of giving.  I called the journey SerfBliss - the first phase of a ‘Pay-it-Forward’ social movement.  My life was put on the chopping block with no guarantees of survival.  SerfBliss transformed me into the man I wanted to become.  The trip taught hundreds of priceless lessons.  I now share those lessons with others because I want to "Pay-It-Forward".    


April 1, 2011 - April 1, 2012  Journey across America to serve. 1 man / 1 year / 50 states


It took me a few years to recreate myself and put a new life together.  In 2015, I married the most amazing girl I've ever met.  We are now living in SoCal... happily ever after.


Things you may want to know:

  • I LOVE Star Wars & still try to use The Force.  Laws of probability suggest that it will happen any day now. (I think my pen just moved!)
  • I can translate ancient Greek, but the internet can do it faster.  
  • I'm a Harry Potter fan and can beat most people at HP trivia.
  • I love Taylor Swift & dance to her tunes.
  • I dig Eminem & old school Dr. Dre.  ("One, two, three and to the four...")
  • I don't own pets, but I love them.  My wife wants a dog, but I've cleaned up enough poo for a lifetime.
  • I am in love with my wife.  I was a good man before I met her, but if I'm ever accused of being great... she deserves the credit.

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