At the end of the day, we are all just little kids in big bodies, trying to make a difference in the world.
— James Beck
By James Andrew Beck

The Mission


Help people & organizations access the happiness & success that is only found by doing social good.

Four Pillars of Good

  1. BE GOOD - Break Cycles - 10 steps to remove generational dysfunction & re-patterning the mind
  2. DO GOOD - Install a Moral Compass – 4 questions & 10 virtues that master decision making
  3. GIVE GOOD - Relationship Building – 8 qualities that repair & build powerful relationships
  4. INSPIRE GOOD - Servant Leadership – Pay-It-Forward in action

Be Good - Break Cycles

Remove Generational Dysfunction & Re-patterning the Mind

“James gave my soldiers simple tools to improve their relationships with their families. It was the best Wingman Day we’ve ever had.”
— Col. "Spike" Weskamp, Vice Wing Commander
 163rd Recon. Wing - 1800 Military personnel

163rd Recon. Wing - 1800 Military personnel

Be Good - Summary

Breaking Cycles of Generational Dysfunction & Re-patterning the Mind offers simple tools to remove psychological "hooks" that establish cycles of abuse that repeat themselves generation after generation.  It consists of identifying and replace damaging habits with healthy ones in 10 simple steps.

elements Used

  • Recognizing patterns of dysfunction
  • Address abusive history
  • Re-patterning the mind with service
  • Transition from feeling worthless to being & feeling priceless
  • Use helping others to overcome suicidal thoughts & PTSD

Target Audience

  • Military
  • New Parents
  • Parents that are trying to be better than the parents they had
  • Leaders - with a patterns of self-sabotage
  • Divorced Adults
  • Mental Health Professionals
  • At risk youth
  • Prisoners

Do Good - Install a Moral Compass

4 questions & 10 virtues that master decision-making

James got our students to think outside their box & push beyond their comfort zones. We absolutely loved having him!
— Sally Jafari, Director - Career Development Center
 Chapman University - 200 Leadership Students

Chapman University - 200 Leadership Students

Do Good - Summary

Install a Moral Compass provides a macro world view that points individuals, groups, & organizations in the optimal direction.  It offers are 4 simple questions to ensure success and 10 virtues that guide decisions along the way towards a fulfilling life.

Elements used

  • Pay-It-Forward & how it can reveal your team's effectiveness
  • Utilize service to re-pattern the individual and collective (organizational) mindset
  • Adapt a service mentality to establish a meaningful corporate culture 
  • Unpack the 4 questions necessary for success
  • Master the 10 virtues that equip success
  • Employ a vision quest to reinvent self
  • Increase Collaboration, Productivity, and Efficiency by following 4-Simple Steps
  • Achieve happiness

Target Audience

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Young Executives
  • Management
  • Sales Teams
  • Human Resource personnel
  • Non-Profits
  • Institutions of Faith
  • University & High School Students

Give Good - Relationship Building

8 qualities that repair & build powerful relationships

James Beck will inspire your audience & leave you feeling good about the entire experience.
— Jerry Touslee, Vice President of Marketing - WealthCounsel
 600 Estate Planning Attorneys - WealthCounsel

600 Estate Planning Attorneys - WealthCounsel

Give good - Summary

Master 4 concepts to recognize great people & 4 corresponding character assessments to know who to promote into leadership. These same training tools can be used to evaluate friendships, select who to invest time in, and  how to better teach children. 


  • 4 characteristics to select great team members
  • 4 ways to evaluate leaders & make promotion decisions
  • Increase happiness
  • Create a retention-rich environment
  • Use Pay-It-Forward to reveal organizational effectiveness
  • Use service to create lasting legacy 


Target Audience

  • CEO, CFO, & CHRO
  • Sr. & Mid Level management
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Human Resource Officers
  • Military Officers
  • Parents

Inspire Good - Servant Leadership 

Pay-It-Forward in action

The video above summarizes my year-long-journey across America (  

Inspire Good - Summary

Learn how giving away all possessions and spending a year helping others can re-program the human mind, remove anxiety, offer atonement, and renew faith in humanity. 

Elements used

A distilled 10-step process necessary to transform the human mind through service.

Target Audience

  • People that want to believe in others again
  • People that want to be happier
  • People that want adventure
  • Just about everybody

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