I teach Expansional Balance of the Body, Mind & Spirit.





I focus on:

  • Structural Integration to remove pain from the body

  • Holistic Herbs optimizes inside & Service reveals value outside the mind

  • Pay-It-Forward grows together the human spirit

Expansional Balance of the Body


Do you have low-back pain?

There’s an 80% chance are that you are creating pain right now. Yes, HUMAN, you sitting there, reading this. You are causing Sacroiliac Dysfunction to your body right now! Want to how you can stop it? (Bum bum bum… drum roll) Then watch the video that I’m literally smiling and pointing at…

Have you lost body power lately?

SI Dysfunction is the root cause of low-back pain and why athletes and other humans lose power. Come to my workshop and master a 3-Step self-care process to remove the root cause of Low-Back pain in under 20 minute and increase your physical power by 50%. Combine 3 simple items with 3 intentional body movement to balance your pelvis. You can easily substitute 2 of the 3 items with another person’s arms. So if you have arms and back pain, you’ll only need one thing at my seminar. (I’ll let you borrow a pair.)

Seeing = believing. Knowing you can ‘Do it yourself’ = Priceless.

Beck Balance - Good Touch 101


Learn how to remove low-back pain and get a 50% Power-Up in under 20-minutes

Expansional Balance of the Mind


At 11-years-old, I learned how to re-patterns the mind by serving others. I had anxiety and PTSD from childhood. My natural parents had a foster home. Bi-polar, schizophrenia, rage, manic, depression, and split-personality were my brothers and sisters across the dinner table. All us kids felt discarded, most were raped, half had pimps. My sister and I were the natural born kids. We lived amongst 40-50 foster siblings 3 to 9 at a time. The foster world brands you. I know this well because I was the one that taught you ‘the ropes’ when you first moved in.

I’m a country boy and we do what we are taught. Those that get older either do opposite or do the same. Some do good and some do bad. This is why I teach how to heal with touch. Good touch is my opposite. (Find the story in my book, Hey Dad, Remember Me? )

Yellow Stone National Park, 1984

Yellow Stone National Park, 1984

As I grew up, my father’s Dragons of Rage, Insecurity, Shame, and Anxiety grew in me. All four Dragons burned my thoughts and trampled my mind. The only time I felt good as a boy, was when I served. Sometimes I served at church and sometimes just with my family. Serving others was the only way I knew how to slay the dragons that cause pain to mind and soul.

Until 2011, the only dragon that I could not slay was the PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Dragon), my pet ‘Anxiety’. So I used my knowledge of religion and quantitive psychology to construct a journey that would destroy my mind and recreate a new man in the process. I hoped that by pulverizing my mind with a waterfall of varying and unpredictable service options, I would kill my last Dragon.

It worked. I served for a year, but it only took 6 months. This is what I teach.

Unfortunately dragons return, but they shrink as your world grows. Service grows our worlds together by tying isolated souls through shared heartbeats of giving priceless time in meaningful service. Money is not exchanged, only gifted. This works on the battlefield of war and in peace. My journey across America proved it. Service improves all relationships: kids, spouses, family, friends, co-workers, strangers and even enemies. When I need to slay a dragon, I serve someone. Maybe service could help you slay your dragons.

In 2018, I found something that makes it easier for me to slay my dragons. I drink a concoction of Amare holistic herbs that increases awareness, calm the mind, flush away stress, grow happiness, and offers more restorative rest. Imagine being so patient and aware that you make fewer mistakes and need to offer fewer apologies. What if life slowed because your brain got faster? Who could you be?


TEDx - SerfBliss - Pay-It-Forward - Riverside, CA 2014

Expansional Balance of the Spirit


Trust is in short supply these days. I created these videos so strangers would know my word is good and trustworthy. I do acts of service and ask people to Pay-It-Forward to leverage time and grow good in the world.


Summary of Beck’s Pay-It-Forward Journey

The 50 people Beck served across America


10 Things Learned from doing 1 Year of Pay-It-Forward!

Version 2
There are only two things you can control in this world - where you spend your heartbeats & your attitude as you spend them.
— James Beck

Pay-It-Forward’s 5 Rules:

  • BE Beautiful

  • Be Equal

  • Be Open

  • Be Transparent

  • Be Honest

Fox & Friends National News Christmas 2011

Pay-It-Forward’s 5 Values:

  • Have Discretion

  • Have Stewardship

  • Have Growth

  • Have Self-Sacrifice

  • Have Generosity

James Beck Here! Healer. Author. Speaker. Pay-It-Forward Ninja.

note: people often question the use of the word healer.

A healer is a broad professional CATEGORY that enlivens and animates in hopes to restore an optimal state. I teach a science-based, duplicable, and explainable way to remove pain with touch. Like a SCULPTURE molds clay, I use touch, movement and breath to put muscles and bones in a better place. This removes physical pain and animates the body with energy and life. I’ve paid my bills healing professionally since 2003. I’ve taught Structural Integration since 2016.

Using service to rewire and heal the mind started before man first ate corn. It’s literally the oldest thing in old books. The first video I have teaching this concept was filmed on Father’s Day 1998. I was 23.

In 2011, I gave everything away and filmed a yearlong mental-reprogramming process. It took me 6-months to reprogram my mind with service, which removed my PTSD. Biologically, 7-10 years is the optimal timeline to evaluate the full effect of the work.

This isn’t the only way, but It’s the best way I know how a man can heal his own mind and grow into what he wishes to become. Best part: it’s priceless!

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