Give Beck Keynotes


  • Get other People to Care
  • Secrets of Pay-It-Forward
  • How to Stir the Human Spirit
  • A Scientific Way to Transform Culture
  • Grow Servant Leadership in your People
  • Expediting Personal & Professional Growth
  • Ways to develop resilience through Service
  • Proven ways to Build & Repair Relationships
  • An Unstoppable Way to Overcome Adversity
  • Leveraging the Power of Kindness & Gratitude

Live by Giving

In my presentation, I show you how to achieve authentic happiness, improve your business culture, and grow relationships by serving each other.

I had a life that seemed enviable: a swanky Beverly Hills job, high profile friends, & a nice place by the beach. But it felt empty and lacked purpose. Unhappy with the direction life was going, I set out to find a new path, one with meaning and fulfillment.

In 2011, I gave away my possessions and committed one year to serve someone in each state for three days, only asking that they pay it forward.

By beginning each state with the question, "How can I help you?" I explored how to live in a constant state of giving. I discovered how Service and kindness foster healthy & meaningful relationships that fill me with joy and happiness.

My keynotes highlight the impact of Service. As pay-it-forward actions spread through communities, the most significant transformations in the lives of others grow over time.

I'll share the blossoming ripple effects on how Service can transform any culture in my presentations. Through stories, videos, and photos, you'll witness how one small act of kindness can change someone's destiny. This epic journey reveals the kind of life-changing transformation that only happens when you learn to 'Live by Giving.'

Serve First - Serve Greatly

Do you want your organization filled with autonomous and free-thinking leaders that look to solve issues before they become problems?

Servant Leadership epitomizes the greatest good that any leader can accomplish with their team. This leadership style produces a thriving and profitable work culture by enhancing consciousness and accelerating performance.

The problem is: How does a single leader shift an entire organization into a healthier mindset without push-back from organizational veterans rooted in old habits that limit a growing culture?

Servant Leadership isn't a model to follow or a style to display. It's not something you would follow step by step on any Management Training. Instead, it's a philosophy to be adhered to, a mindset to demonstrate, and an attitude to manifest under actual leadership conditions: 'wanting to serve first.' When done correctly, you will see incredible camaraderie between team members, a higher purpose driven by the business, and a more profound commitment to excellence that other philosophies can't touch.

  • Would you like your people to be more authentic, empathetic, and value others as human beings? 
  • Do you wish your group would cultivate relationships with others so they can provide valuable direction without needing your input? 
  • Or maybe you want your team to look for ways to help each other, increasing teamwork effectiveness?

This keynote provides a pivotal milestone for organizations to begin strengthening their teams' effectiveness through Servant Leadership. This story highlights how people are inherently good and want to grow goodness in humanity. We reveal the neuroscience behind stimulating mental transformation & show how any act of kindness can add to another act of kindness, resulting in a ripple effect of exponential good that impacts anybody connected to the service.

I expedite your organization's journey in building cohesion within your human capital to accomplish your vision.