Transform your organization by creating a culture of service

Keynote speaker James Beck went on a year-long journey across the U.S. serving one person/family in each state for 3 days, asking nothing in return except that they "pay it forward."

Today, he inspires audiences with powerful lessons on how small acts of kindness can create exponential impact within teams and organizations.

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Small acts of service have the power to ignite exponential positive impact.

In aĀ time of mounting chaos and disruption, many organizations struggle with toxic culture, lack of trust, and poor collaboration.

After an inspirational year-long journey serving strangers across America, speaker James Beck uncovered how simple acts of service can ignite exponential positive change within teams and organizations.

James believes that simpleĀ acts of serviceĀ between colleagues can become an exponential force that heals relationships, boosts trust, and supercharges collaboration.

The result is a thriving culture where employees feel unified by shared values and empowered to develop personally and elevate one another.

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Serving Up Success: How Acts of Service Will Revolutionize Your Organizations

Keynote speaker James Beck shares the lessons and wisdom from his life-changing nationwide journey of service. James recounts how he spent a year serving strangers across the country, asking nothing in return except they "pay it forward." Through simple acts of kindness, he found profound fulfillment and realized the exponential ripple effects service can create.

James explains how organizations can adopt a culture of service to overcome dysfunction and transform team relationships. By serving colleagues and community with no agenda, profound human bonds are forged, trust is rebuilt, and collaboration enhanced. Your people will leave motivated to create positive change through service.


Live By Giving: Transform your organization through the power of service.

In this emotionally resonating keynote, James retells his nationwide pay-it-forward expedition and how simple acts of service ignited exponential positive change in his own life and communities.

Audience members will come away inspired to actively serve colleagues, organizations, and community to unlock greater fulfillment and human potential.

Leaders & organizations will learn how to:

  • Transform toxic or disengaged organizational culture into a thriving community built on trust, care, and purpose
  • Strengthen employee relationships, reconnect severed ties, and boost collaboration
  • Unleash the unlimited potential within each employee to positively impact lives
  • Gain proven strategies to cultivate a high-performing culture of service and human growth
  • Catalyze a movement of service that makes fulfilling work and human connections the priority

AudiencesĀ will learn how:

  • Small purposeful acts of kindness have the power to create exponential ripple effects of good
  • Service redefines and heals relationships - the key to building trust and community
  • Serving peers and community forges profound human bonds
  • A culture prioritizing empathy and understanding drives collaboration
  • Gain proven strategies to cultivate a high-performing culture of service and human growth
  • Ordinary people can change the world through simple daily acts of service


Unite your People

How Serving One Another Transforms People & Organizations


  • A scientifically proven way to transform a company culture
  • Secrets of pay-it-forward and how to develop resilience through service
  • An unstoppable way to overcome adversity and get other people to care
  • Leverage the power of kindness and gratitude to encourage servant leadership

 Growing a happy culture is exciting when you have tools that are backed by science, experience and inspiration that can elevate your people to new heights.

At a time when people are struggling to find their place in the world and at work, Transformative Culture Change Expert James Beck shows organizations how to cultivate greater joy and collaboration within the workplace that will inspire newfound happiness, significance and personal achievement. 

The key to this change is serving each other. Companies often do community service projects to build teams and cultivate positive brand awareness. But the most significant benefits of service remain between colleagues and that is currently an untapped resource. 

This unique presentation on Uniting Your People through Service will unlock the secrets of the  Happiness Trifecta, showing the benefits of increasing Serotonin, Dopamine and Oxytocin in order to benefit your people and company in the following ways:

  • Serotonin stabilizes feelings of well-being & happiness. This enables our nervous system to communicate, which helps us digest, sleep, learn, remember, & reward ourselves. Serotonin increases overall happiness.
  • Dopamine is the Feel Good hormone that regulates behavior and the willingness to attain goals.  Our nervous system uses it to transmit messages between nerve cells. It's how we think & plan. Dopamine increases positive motivation.
  • Oxytocin promotes attachment & solidifies relationships by crystalizing emotional memories & reducing tension. It triggers protective instincts & improves social skills. Oxytocin creates deeper social bonds.

Meet James Beck

In his presentations, James Beck shows you how to achieve authentic happiness personally and professionally, improve your business culture, and grow relationships, through service to others.

James Beck had a life that seemed enviable… a Beverly Hills job… a place by the beach… but it felt empty and lacked purpose.

Unhappy with the direction life was going, he set out to find a new path, one with meaning and fulfillment. 

In 2011, he gave away his possessions and committed one year to serving someone in each state for three days, only asking that they pay-it-forward. 

By beginning each state with the question, “How can I help you?”, he explored how to live in a constant state of giving. He discovered that service and kindness fostered healthy, meaningful relationships, filling him with joy and happiness. 

His story highlights the immediate impact of his service to these individuals and families. As the pay-it-forward actions spread through the communities, the most significant transformation in people’s lives were revealed over time. 

James shares some of these blossoming ripple-effects in his presentations. Through stories, videos and photos, you’ll witness how one small act of kindness truly can change someone’s destiny. 

This epic journey reveals the kind of life-changing transformation that only happens when you learn to Live by Giving. 

You’ll learn how to use a service mindset to build, grow, maintain, and repair relationships both personally and professionally.

You’ll learn that serving and encouraging others, serves and encourages your own soul. 

You’ll learn how to grow a healthy mindset and positive attitude to overcome adversity, making the most out of every circumstance. 

You’ll learn how being kind to others reduces stress and enables you to cope and overcome stressful situations.