Hello, I'm James Beck

I'm the TEDx Speaker, Relationship Building Expert & Author who gave away everything he owned and set out on a journey to serve someone in all 50 states.

I asked those I served to Pay-It-Forward, starting an incredible domino effect in kindness. 

In my presentations, I encourage others to live a life of giving, revealing how having a “service mindset” leads to true happiness, and relationship fulfillment.

My training transform corporate cultures into a cooperative communities. I work with Businesses, Schools, Associations, Military Units, Spiritual Groups & Families.



Enable companies, organizations & families to enhance relationships, repair trauma & optimize performance by serving each other.

OUR MISSION: Unite culture by empowering people to build trust, reduce anxiety & transform the mind.

How it all began...

To remove the PTSD and anxiety that lingered from childhood trauma, James Beck developed a way to use 'serving other people' to create new neural pathways that calm the mind & optimize behavior. 

James tested his neuroplastic PMR (Proactive Mental Rewiring) theory in a nationwide, year-long social experiment.

At the beginning of the 'Serf Bliss' Journey, he gave away his possessions, which triggered the reptilian 'fight or flight.' Afterward, James spent one year serving a person or family in each state for three days, only asking that they Pay-It-Forward. This choice sedated the overused left brain & developed the underused right brain & rewired its 'limbic brain' connections to optimize social function. It also rewires how the limbic brain (intuition) interacts through executive function (thought), re-patterning the survival nature we get stuck in.

Life is now better than James has ever dreamed & he wants to 'Pay-Forward' this wonderful transformation. It is an epic tale revealing the kind of life-changing transformation that only happens when you learn to ‘Live by Giving.'

James teaches Servant Leadership concepts that build, grow, maintain, & repair relationships, resulting in a remarkable ripple effect. This transformation changes your life, the lives of those around you, & the lives of many strangers you will never meet. 

Everybody wants Good Relationships

3 ways to get started




Learn the best way to improve relationships within your group & strengthen your culture.





Grow trust, psychological safety & happiness by using service to improve any relationship you choose.





Let's customize a plan that expedites your cultural transformation into a cooperative community.


VP of Marketing - Wealth CounselĀ 

Vice Chancellor - UC Riverside

Vice Wing Commander - 163rd ANG


"James Beck will inspire you and leave you feeling good about the entire experience."

Jerry Touslee



"At TEDx Riverside, James was inspiring, insightful, and engaging. He was definitely a high point of the program."

Peter Hayashida


"James gave my soldiers simple tools to improve their relationships with their families. It was the best Wingman Day we’ve had in over thirty years!"

Colonel Douglas "Spike" Weskamp



“Bill helped me create an attainable financial plan that is already changing my life.” 



“After listening to just one episode of Bill’s podcast, everything started falling into place.”



“Bill is the secret sauce to my recent financial gains. I can’t thank him enough.”