Video Gallery

Here are the 6 milestone videos spread throughout the website. 

  1. Serf Bliss TEDx
  2. National News
  3. Serf Bliss Summary
  4. Keynote Promo
  5. Speaker Reel
  6. Message to the World


When TED officially accepted my TEDx talk into their collection of cultural contributions, it inspired me to develop a public speaking career.


National News

When I first set out, I wondered if anyone would ever care about what I was doing.

Fox News producers hunted me down for an interview on Christmas morning, 2011. Getting the best time slot of the year on national news without submitting a press release proved that people cared.

Serf Bliss Summary 

This video was edited by a Hollywood producer, Donald Bull, while I was on the road. He created a few TV offers for me to consider, but in the end, the work I needed to do wasn't a good fit for the rhythm of television. 

Mr. Bull edited 99% of this video & set me up to serve his sister in Colorado, state 46.


Keynote Promo

This video contains a few clips from various keynotes so potential clients can get a taste of what their people will receive virtually. 

Speaker Reel

This video contains a string of messages that date back over 20 years. It has clips of my talks with the military, attorneys, homeless youth, spiritual leaders, and business professionals.


Message to the World

A friend challenged me to tell my story in under 5 minutes, using as few words as possible.

This video is my favorite because I only let myself say one word - the most powerful word in the English language: Yes.