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National News 

On the Serf Bliss nationwide 'Social Experiment,' the press caught up with me four times. The most significant press event happened on Christmas Morning, 2011. Fox & Friends National News interviewed me on the best time slot of the year, without even sending them a press release.

I held this experience as proof that my concept was valid & valuable. It showed me that genuinely focusing on doing the work will give a person all the social proof they could need.


Stuck to Unstoppable

Everything matters - the smallest acts we take for granted are powerful when backed by intention.

We Do Hard Things

Do the hardest things first & life gets easier. Think in terms of decades for actions to gain potency.


Examine how self-reflection can launch you on your journey of a lifetime.

Rise Up

Engage with local leadership to ‘Rise Up’ & serve, growing happiness & community.


Explore the power of Giving Back & how  transforming the mind can be useful for society.

Big Shifts

Learn how the smallest life adjustments can significantly transform a person’s life.