The Power of Pay-It-Forward

How Kindness, Gratitude, & Service can transform your Organization, Family, & Life!

Use Pay-It-Forward to:

  • Build Trust & Relationships

  • Boost Innovation & Motivation

  • Increase Physical & Mental Health

Unite your People


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The world is tearing itself apart. People don't know how to mend relationships.  Consequently, we suffer financially, psychologically, emotionally, & spiritually. Anxiety is our new normal.

But, does it have to be?

What if there was a fun, scientifically proven way to get people to care about each other again?  What if we could cultivate greater joy & collaboration as our people work towards a shared vision?  What if there was simple solution to increase collaboration & performance?  

Follow Science's Path to:

  • Connection - Trust & Relationships 
  • Creativity - Innovation & Motivation
  • Power - Physical & Mental Health

Transform your family or business into a group that loves performing well together.

Book James Beck

“There are only two things you can control in life: where you spend your heartbeats and the attitude in which you spend them.

Everything else is an illusion."

James Beck

Meet James Beck

  • Transforming Culture Change Leader
  • Inspirational Pay-It-Forward Speaker 

I gave away my possessions & traveled across America, serving one family in each state for 3 days.

In this social experiment, I spent an entire year serving others so that I could rewire my mind, remove my anxiety, & become a better human being. The most important lessons that helped me, I give to you.

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Enhance Relationships

Optimize Performance

Repair Culture

The Happiness Trifecta

Our keynotes & coaching reveals simple steps anyone can take to release the Happiness Trifecta (Serotonin/Happiness, Oxytocin/Social Bonding, & Dopamine/Motivation) in their group. 


Serotonin stabilizes feelings of well-being & happiness. This enables our nervous system to communicate, which helps us digest, sleep, learn, remember, & reward ourselves. 



Oxytocin promotes attachment & solidifies relationships by crystalizing emotional memories & reducing tension. It triggers protective instincts & improves social skills.

(social bonding)


The 'Feel Good' hormone that regulates behavior & willingness to attain goals.  Our nervous system uses it to transmit messages between nerve cells. It's how we think & plan.

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BUILD Relationships - BOOST Motivation - INCREASE Health

Release the Happiness Trifecta

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Unite culture by empowering people to build trust, reduce anxiety & transform the mind.


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