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The world is tearing itself apart. People don't know how to mend relationships back together.  We suffer financially, psychologically, emotionally, & spiritually. Anxiety is our new normal.

But, does it have to be?

What if there was a fun, scientifically proven way to get people to care about each other again?  What if we could cultivate greater joy & collaboration as our people work towards a shared vision?  What if there was a program that enhanced Servant Leadership while increasing collaboration & performance?  

Follow Science's Path to:

  • Happiness - Pleasure in Life 
  • Significance - Positive Impact
  • Achievement - Favorable Accomplishments

Enjoy our Keynotes & Servant Leadership Program that guide you in transforming your culture into a cooperative community.

Book James Beck

Enhance Relationships

Optimize Performance

Repair Culture

Meet James Beck

  • Pay-It-Forward Fanatic
  • Relationship Building Coach
  • Servant Leadership Consultant 

I gave away my possessions & traveled across America, serving one family in each state for 3 days.

In this social experiment, I spent an entire year serving others so that I could rewire my mind & become a better human being. The most important lessons that helped me, I give to you.

Key Speech Themes:

  • Personal & Professional Growth
  • Overcoming Adversity
  • Make a Positive Impact
  • The power of Kindness & Gratitude
  • Increase your Business & Sales by Serving
  • Corporate Culture Transformation
  • Servant Leadership

“There are only two things you can control in life: where you spend your heartbeats and the attitude in which you spend them.

Everything else is an illusion."

James Beck

Transform your Culture

Our program is scientifically proven to improve culture leveraging actions that boost these hormones typically lacking in participants - building trust, reducing anxiety & transforming the mind.


Serotonin stabilizes feelings of well-being & happiness. This enables our nervous system to communicate, which helps us digest, sleep, learn, remember, & reward ourselves. 



The 'Feel Good' hormone that regulates behavior & willingness to attain goals.  Our nervous system uses it to transmit messages between nerve cells. It's how we think & plan.



Oxytocin promotes attachment & solidifies relationships by crystalizing emotional memories & reducing tension. It triggers protective instincts & improves social skills.

(social bonding)
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Unite culture by empowering people to build trust, reduce anxiety & transform the mind.

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