The Mental Wellness Company

I've been using Amare's mental wellness supplements since 2017. The company's headquarters were a mile down the road.

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My Brain Health Favorites

  1. MORNING: I mix the 3 products below & drink it before noon for brain fuel.
  2. EDGE: I drink this after noon for Mood, Motivation, & Metabolism enhancement.
Give Me My Edge!

GBX Superfood

Gut-Brain Axis Superfoods gives 3 servings of fruits & veggies with two scoops. It tastes fantastic! (Unlike many of the other superfoods I've tried).

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Fundamentals Pack

This formula won Best New Finished Product in 2018 for clinically reducing depression. This product balances the Brain & Gut (the 2nd brain).

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It has New Zealand Pine Bark that treats ADHD holistically in Australia & New Zealand. Guayusa extract puts you in a creative flow state.

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Dependable Holistic Solutions

These products help me get into a creative state by balancing the Gut-Brain-Axis.

It is the most innovative holistic supplement on the market.

The earth's soil has been stripped of nutrients, and humans are hard-pressed to find quality nutrition to sustain them.

We can eat the healthiest stuff on the planet, but if our food doesn't have the vitamins and minerals, it isn't helping maintain our bodies.

Amare offers natural, sustainable, holistic solutions to the world's Mental Health challenges. They have won the most significant nutrition awards, and they officially launched in 2018.

Instead of 'tricking the brain' with western medicine, I choose to balance my body with Amare's holistic products.

Amare products have a 12-month, empty-bottle, money-back guarantee.

Nobody else does that.

Other Stuff We Use

The whole Amare product line is of the highest quality.

However, it's the only company that holistically targets mental wellness.

Get $10 bucks off your first order by using the code: 10071


My wife uses this every night & LOVES it! 

(I sleep great all the time, so I don't use it much.)

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We use this to flush stress (cortisol) out of the body.

I take this before speaking & after stressful situations. 

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Kids Mood+

These taste like a Pixie Stick, but calms the mind.

We don't have kids, so it's my 'healthy candy.'

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Kids VitaGBX

These taste like Sweet Tarts & I will pound the whole bottle.

Kids shouldn't get all the best stuff for themselves. :-D

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The 3 Holistic Systems of the body

In addition to being a public speaker, I am a Structural Integration Instructor.

(If you've never heard of it, don't worry... most people have no idea about this profession.)

In 2005, I began teaching manual therapy & how fascia works, when it was still categorized under 'Adult Entertainment.' (We've come a long way.)

In 2010, Western Medicine finally realized that 'Fascia' plays a critical role in the body. Amare is the only company (that I've found) that addresses all three holistic aspects of the Immune System - including the fascial system.

If you are curious to learn about this innovative profession, click on the link below.

100% of the proceeds from this seminar supports the IASI & their work to get Congress to recognize the unique profession of Structural Integration.


Check out the seminar

Balance the Mind

I am an Independent Wellness Partner for Amare Global.

I tested their products for 2 years before putting my name behind it.

Amare is a direct selling company.

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For your Pineal Gland

Make the seat of the soul feel like a lazy boy recline. 

I put this in all my health smoothies. It's important for your brain health.