Transform Culture into Community 

Servant Leadership Program

  • Increase Psychological Safety
  • Strengthen Relationships
  • Enhance Communication
  • Optimize Collaboration
  • Overcome Toxicity
  • Stir Creativity

Human Capital Optimization

In 1997, I began developing this Servant Leadership Program for At-Risk Youth, Military Units wrestling with PTSD & families struggling with suicide. After considerable success, I decided to launch three versions of the program based on the standard level of need within organizations. 

Level 1 - Enhance Culture

This introductory program helps organizational cultures improve psychological safety, enhance communication & facilitate collaboration.

(includes keynote)


Level 2 - Optimize Culture

Our expansion program helps companies stir creativity, optimize learning & inspire innovation within their culture by building on previous workshop concepts.

(includes Level 1)


Level 3 - Repair Culture

The last component of our program helps leaders overcome psychological obstacles posed by traumatic situations & toxic leadership decisions.

(includes Level 2)


Transform Your Culture

Enhance - Optimize - Repair

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